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  • Provide feedback about the effectiveness of each simulated sales call.
  • Determine behavioral objectives for sales representatives, in each region, area, or territory, improving sales effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate which models are the most persuasive.
  • Promote sales jobs and focus on the company’s professional and commercial values.
  • Help assimilate knowledge and behaviors that influence other people, at each meeting
  • Validate the communication and compliance of your teams with the Medical Visit Charter.


    Our mission is to enable sales teams to maximize the effectiveness of their commercial visits. Our specialty provides you with an effective measure the of sales calls in real time. Our objective is to help you implement your Sales Force Effectiveness initiatives.


    REAL PLAY is a live training simulation which improves the quality of sales representatives’ communication skills by recreating real interview conditions in your meeting space. This process enables your sales representives to practice by involving the practitioner in the customisation all of the information needed for the product campaign. Your teams can conduct three simulations for just one product, or the entire range, in one efficient training session.


    • Requires three hours of interactive participation
    • Illustrates strengths and weaknesses in the commercial approch as perceived by the practitioner
    • Enables sales representatives to be trained and comfortable for the field by the end of the seminar.
    • Gives them the opportunity to improve with immediate feedback from a practicing physician about their visit.
    • Lets you see the effectiveness and quality of sales calls by sales representatives, in an area, or the whole of France, while protecting the confidentiality of individual results.


    It is a management tool that permits regional managers :

    • To focus their teams on physicians in the region
    • To coach their sales representatives by creating an opportunity for dialogue permitting a better
      understanding of physicians’ expectations
    • To provide detatched perceptions of market evolution and practitioners concerns within an historical context.

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